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Postcard from Berlin 01 by JACAC

The photo when first seen captures the eye immediately with intense visual that pulls you in to explore the complex building engineering that made this captivating blue sky light. It is very well taken and the shot came out very clean crisp detail lines which enhances the photo's over all intense appeal; very very great picture to enjoy and watch for a while and think of the modern turn futuristic and other worldly themes placed in it. The photographer did a excellent job of literally capturing a piece of this amazing place to be seen and enjoyed by others for them to enjoy and see even while never being to this place. This photo says what a seasoned photographer's skill should capture and allow others to feel this experience in their own way. END I personally was struck by it so very amazing keep up the great talent and work no flattering was intended just appreciation in all good honesty.
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JACAC Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Thank you so much for your words
It is an amazing place and i as an architect am always looking to this great details that catch my eye
I always try to take photos with my feeling of the places or the people
That what i like to do
I am really pleased that you like it, it was my seventh DD and i will try to keep my work as i like it
Best regards
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